Environment and Human activities

Concrete Building

Both living and non living things together make our environment. There has always been a good balance between our environment and the living diaspora (the bioshere). Being the most intelligent and powerful among all, the human activities on the earth are more diverse. The effect of these activities on our environment have been both positive and negative.

In recent years, industrial development and scientific inventions has made our life comfortable but its has also converted our environment into a non sustainable entity for other living beings, including human race too.

Actually ,our every comfort has given our environment more or less a type of discomfort. Fast runnnig vehicles and aeroplanes has made our travel speedy and comfortable but their exhaust has created double discomfort by polluting our air quality . Many of our devices run on electricity but for it we have to burn plenty of fossil fuels to to maintain it. All of these activities produce huge harmful exhausts which we throw into our invironment without any check or hesitation.

The exhausts from our vahicles, smoke and nitro-oxides from industries and cloro fluoro carbons from aerosols etc produce green house gases . They trap the heat of our environment and increase the temperature of our earth tremendously ( global warming).

Industrial Plant Pollution

Now the ill-effects of global warming and ozone layer depletion has started showing it’s presence in form of climate change in many parts our planet. The reported cases of dis- appearing glaciars and irregular rain fall in some parts of the globe are alarming signals.

So, it is the need of the hour to protect the environment by implementation of all the effective and environment friendly means to save the planet earth and the environment.

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